• BDM3 Adapter for BDM Frame

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BDM3 is adapter with spring probes for ECUs with original BDM pinout pitch 1.27mm

* Siemens SID803 (Volvo Diesel)

* Siemens SID201 (Land Rover, Jaguar)

* Siemens SID202 (Ford)

* Siemens SID203 (Jaguar)

* Siemens SID204 (Land Rover)

* Siemens SID206 (Ford)

* Siemens SIM226 (Mercedes)

* Siemens SIM90 (Chrysler/Dodge)

* Siemens MS45, MSS65, MSV70, MSS70 (BMW)

* Bosch MED9.7 (Mercedes)

* Marelli MJD (Fiat, Opel)

* and all others with standart 1.27mm BDM pinout

BDM3 adapter small board with spring probes can by inserted in any positions. This depends how are rotated BDM pinouts in ECU. To find BDM pin1 check with tester BDM GND pin - ground (GND) is pin2 (in most cases also pin3)

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